The US is showing the real intentions. Vladimir Putin- a thorn in the America’s eyes

A recent note of the American Diplomacy sustained that “The State Departament of the US is still concerned by the continous threating with terrorist attacks and violent riots against American citizens and interests abrod”

The American offensive propaganda by media and film industry is deniaded by this diplomatic note.

Practicly, the American troyan horse multiplied in Europe have interesting consequences, as the immediate future will show us.

For the US, Europe is an usual operations theatre. “The updated information make us to believe that ISIS, Al Quaida, oter affiliated organizations related to terrorism intend to plan terrorist attacks against Western interests and societies in Europe”

putinThe Forbes magazine published articles in wich president Putin appears as “the main threat for the US.”. This fact is based on: the Putin’s political culture, the Russian falling economy and the Russian nuclear arsenal.

The economic sanctions where imposed to Russia by the Washington’s gov. It looks like the US is afraid by the rise of popularity of Vladimir Putin. Then growing take place on the basis of growing of the Russia economy under his command.

Since Vladimir Putin become president, the Russian gross product multiplied g-th time.

In fact, the US and Western sanctions had just partial results: the Russians continue to strongly support Vladimir Putin.

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